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An ellipsoidal, also known as a leko, is the workhorse of the array of stage lighting instruments available to us.  The reason for this is the large amount of variation you can get with an ellipsoidal.  First off you choose the size of the circle of your light by selecting your lens barrel.  Then you can adjust the circle of light to be of a crisp image or a soft fuzzy edge.  It also has four framing shutters to shape the light.  Lekos also have many accessories you can put in them to make them do extra things.  You can add color, change the size of the circle of light with an iris or put a gobo in it to project shapes, words and images.  Ellipsoidal can use conventional lamps or also come in LED versions.  Flexibility is very important when choosing a lighting instrument.  Don't limit yourself.  - Louie Lumen

If you would like to read more about Ellipsoidals please visit our free StageLightingTextbook.com.