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Gel / Color Filters

The color of light is incredibly important to our artistic goals. Classically, theatrical lighting fixtures produce white light. It is with gel that we change that color. The plastic media of gel can be purchased in many forms. You can get it in a sheet (generally 20 x 24 inches), in a roll, or even in a tube for fluorescent fixtures. You will see all of these options below. - Louie Lumen

Have a brand preference? Choose it directly from here!

Various sized sheets that can be cut down to your unit's needs. 20" x 24" and up.

Gel cuts are sized for use with most standard theatrical units. 12" x12" or smaller.

Long bulk lengths of gel, ranging in size from 25' to 50'.

Glass color filters and roundels. Dichroic glass filters won't melt or discolor over time.

Durable lenses for pin spot units. Try combining with a mirror ball for colorful effects.

We strive to provide accurate digital examples of each gel's color - but for true color matching, invest in a swatchbook of sample sized gels.

Pre-selected colors to make your shopping that much easier. Perfect for various situations.

Filters for LED Enhancement, Correction, Softening and Color Mixing.

Gel tubes and filters for use with fluorescent tube lights.

Storage solutions specifically made to keep your gel organized.

Product for Spectro-Chrome Therapy. Gels are the brand and colors referenced in Let There Be Light, by Dinshah Ghadiali.