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Cyc Lights

Cyc lights throw a sheet of light. Traditionally with a "J" shaped reflector, they are able to sit on the floor or hang fairly close to the backdrop and throw an even sheet of light up and down. The bottom of the "J" is for the short throw and the top part is for the longer throw. The main purpose is to get full even cyc coverage.

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  • This unit produces a HARD edged sheet of light.
  • The closer they are together the more even your wash will be.
  • The lamps will test the gel strength of dark recessive colors.  Include heat shield in those circumstances to your gel.
  • If you are looking for a softer edge of light consider using the "silk" frost gel with your color.
  • Many people use primary colored frost gels with these units.
  • The best way to determine the right amount of distance to cover your cyc is in the field.  Put one unit on the floor and keep moving it away until you have covered the cyc from tip to toe.  Then bring down the line set that is right above the middle of that unit and "WaLa" that is your perfect line set to hang them on.
  • The closer together the cells are to each other the better color mixing you will get.  If going with four colors consider the stacking mode as opposed to the linear mode.
  • These units are not light.  Use two safety cables.
  • There are now LED options which sure make the color mixing easier.  Try an experiment on the floor to determine the perfect distance between the units for smooth coverage.

Cyc Lights