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An ellipsoidal, also known as a leko, is the workhorse of the array of stage lighting. With this versatile instrument, you can get many different uses from one single fixture. Change the size of the circle of light by selecting the lens barrel. Then adjust the circle of light to a crisp sphere or a soft fuzzy edge. There are also four framing shutters to shape the light. Lekos have many spaces for accessories you can use to make additional effects. You can add color with gels, change the size of the circle of light with an iris, or use gobos to project shapes, words, and images. Ellipsoidals can use conventional lamps or come in LED versions. Flexibility is very important when choosing a lighting instrument. Don't limit yourself.- Louie LumenIf you would like to read more about Ellipsoidals please visit our free StageLightingTextbook.com



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  • Fixed Degree Ellipsoidals

    The concept of a fixed-degree ellipsoidal is to set the cone of light coming out of it. A 50 degree ellipsoidal will have a wider cone of light then a 19 degree unit. Being a fixed degree unit, it can only project a beam of that degree. If you need variable degrees, then consider purchasing extra lens barrels to swap out when you need to, or purchase variable zoom ellipsoidals. All in all, when choosing an ellipsoidal size, what matters is how far away the unit is and how large you want the circle of light.-Louie Lumen To learn more about ellipsoidals (lekos) please visit our free StageLightingTextbook.com
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  • LED Ellipsoidals

    LED Ellipsoidals (lekos) are part of the continuing evolution of Stage Lighting. LED Lekos have all of the same benefits of a conventional lamped leko but add the ability to change color from the lighting controller. Imagine being able to use a wash of lighting with shutter-ability and gobo project-ability made out of ellipsoidals but having an almost unlimited color choice. - Louie LumenIf you would like to read more about ellipsoidals please visit StageLightingTextbook.com
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