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Par Cans

Historically, Par Cans were named for the fact that the fixture, the "can," held a Parabolic Aluminum Reflector. It was the lamp that gave the fixtures their namesake. Some lamps would be wide flood, while others might be a narrow spot. Some were circular in output, while others were oval. The oval ones could be rotated to adjust which way you wanted the light to go. Today, while we still call these conventional fixtures "par cans," similar-use LED fixtures have also been wrapped into this category. All in all, "par cans" are simply wash lights that can be colored.- Louie Lumen

Par Cans 


  • Conventional Par Cans

    Par Cans are one of the simplest forms of theatrical fixtures. In general, the work is done by the lamp itself while the housing, "the can," simply holds the lamp. Some of the lamps have a round shape of light while most have an oval. The oval output can be rotated for focusing. A multi-lens par uses a non-par lamp, but with its lenses that can be swapped out, gives you options on width of the beam.
  • LED Par Cans

    The term LED Par cans is sort of misleading as the "Par" part doesn't have anything to do with a parabolic reflector as it does in a traditional par can. The reason they are referred to in this fashion is that using par cans as a wash light of color is what these LED units do really well at replacing them. The glorious part is being able to easily change color without having to change the gel, let alone the electrical savings cost.
  • Par Accessories

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