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Border/Strip Lights

If you are looking to light a large expanse of light in multiple colors, border and strip lights are a great way to go. Here we have them divided into conventional lamp and LED lamp categories. Often used as foot lights or as cyc lights, they are an efficient and great way to color mix. - Louie Lumen

Border/Strip Lights 


  • Conventional Border/Strip Lights

    Think of strip lights as either a really large painting roller or a paint spray gun - they're an easy way to color and light large expanses. They generally have either three or four circuits of lamps that light together. For example, circuit one may be red, circuit two may be blue, and circuit three may be green. You can then mix the colors together to produce other colors, and while these are available, you are not limited to just these colors. You can choose any color gel you like. These units use conventional lamps, and each cell gets it's own color- Louie Lumen

  • LED Border / Strip Lights

    LED strip lights are a charmingly discrete enhancement for nearly any vital sector of your life. Whether you want to add a splash of dazzling color to your wardrobe, or subtle ambiance to your kitchen, the options are limitless. Available in a variety of colors, they are 100% customizable. You can cut then to the length you prefer, and that is appropriate for your target application. You can also join them together to create a lighting section that is as long as you need. The beauty of LED strip lights is how versatile they are. They are ideal for decorative lighting applications if they are installed correctly and in the right place. For example, you can install them under your overhead kitchen cabinet or underneath shelves to illuminate objects that are being displayed. They can also be used as part of your spa or pool lighting or in your landscape.The brightness of LED strip lights is determined by the amount and size of the LED's. However, you can easily adjust the brightness according to your preference. Strip lights come in a large variety of colors. The many different colors available allows you choose the colors that will lift your mood, as proven by scientific studies. Remember, for multiple color strip lighting, you require an extra RGB remote controller for a smooth transition between, color, power, and brightness.