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Part Number: Elation MID557

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MidiCon Pro is a Midi controller designed to be used with any midi-compatible lighting control software.


  • Playback Section with (8) Touch Sensitive, Motorized Playback Faders, 3 backlit buttons above each fader and page select with 00 to 99 page display
  • (1) Touch Sensitive Motorized Master Fader with Backlit Blackout Button
  • (20) Buttons, Backlit Keypad Section with Standard Lighting Control Style Keypad
  • (16) Buttons, Backlit Function Key Section Above Keypad
  • (10) Buttons, Backlit Function Key Section Next to Keypad
  • Button Matrix Section with (32) Backlit Buttons and (4) Context Buttons
  • (4) Rotary Encoder Jog Wheels with Custom Weighted Aluminum Wheels
  • Smooth Low Friction Encoders with Push-In Function
  • (2) Shift Buttons to Change Context of Wheels
  • Uses MIDI Over USB for all Communication with Host Software
  • All Buttons are Custom Engraved and Backlit for Use with Emulation Pro Software
  • Adjustable Backlighting Level


  • Size/Weight:
    • Length: 31.0” (134.9mm)
    • Width: 13.0” (125mm)
    • Vertical Height: 3.5” (40.9mm)
    • Weight: 17 lbs (7.7kg)

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