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Leviton MC 7524 Controller - 24/48 Ch - (Two) 37 Pin 0-10V DC Outputs

Leviton MC 7524 Controller - 24/48 Ch - (Two) 37 Pin 0-10V DC Outputs

Part Number: Leviton N7524-0A2

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Leviton MC 7524 Controller - 24/48 Ch - (Two) 37 Pin 0-10V DC Outputs


  • 24/48 individual control channels
  • 384 programmable memory scenes
  • 24 user programmable level sensitive chase effects
  • 16 independent cue stacks allow combinations of memory scenes and chases to be arranged as steps in a playback sequence. Program precise fade times to each step or use the manual stack fader from step to step
  • Chase control functions include master level, rate, instant on/off or the fade rate between each chase step and the direction of the chase
  • Dual split dipless crossfaders proportionally vary the intensity of levels between scenes A and B
  • Individual channel bump buttons with master bump level slider
  • Channel and scene bump button modes include momentary, toggle on/off, kill mode (allows only one button to toggle at a time) and solo mode which overrides console output except for the bump buttons that are pressed
  • Soft patch up to 512 dimmers
  • Audio sync
  • MIDI show control and SMPTE time code via MIDI to activate scenes
  • On board help function
  • Fully protected non-volatile EEPROM memory (10 year retention)
  • Universal internal power supply
  • Preheat function can be set from 0-20% of output level providing faster lamp response and longer lamp life
  • Console locks include Record and Set up, which prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to programming or configuration


  • Width: 29.00" (73.7mm)
  • Depth: 15.00" (38.1mm)
  • Height:4.00" (10.2mm)
  • NSI 128 channel Micro-Plex out (3 pin XLR male and female)
  • DMX512 digital control (female 5 pin XLR)
  • MIDI in/out/through (5 pin DIN)
  • Audio in (RCA type female)
  • 37 pin 0-10 volt analog control ports

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