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Stage Lighting
Stage Lighting is an art form that I would like to consider the "final glaze" of the painting onstage. It is the one element of the production that visually ties everything together. Without it, we simply cannot see, but with it we can create environments, motion, pacing, concentration and enhanced emotion.

Stage Lighting 


  • Accessories

  • Cables

  • Clamps, Claws, & Couplers

  • Controllers

  • DJ Party Lights & Effect Lighting

  • DMX & Analog Dimmers

  • DMX Devices

    DMX-512 is all about communication, and is the most common stage lighting language. It is a digital communication that started simply with sending command information from the lighting controller to the dimmer. As technology has advanced, we now use DMX not only for dimmers but for fixtures, foggers, gobo rotators, variable irises, and so on. The largest benefit is that you can use many different types of equipment from many different manufacturers together. If you would like to learn more about how basic lighting systems function, please visit our free StageLightingTextbook.com

  • Drop Down Extenders

    Do you need the light to be lower than the grid or pipe? Use a drop down extender! - Louie Lumen

  • Fixtures - Stage Light Units

  • Gel / Color Filters

    The color of the light we use is incredibly important to our artistic goals. Theatrical lights traditionally produce white light. Through the magic of gel filters, we have the ability to change that color. Most gels are available in sheets (generally 20" x 24"), rolls, or even tubes for fluorescent fixtures. All of these options are available below.- Louie Lumen

  • Gobo (Patterns)

    The magic of gobos is that you can not only project simple messages or names, but can also create environments and scenery for an incredibly low cost. Fundamentally, gobos are a steel or glass stencil that blocks and lets light through. Where there is a solid image, the light is blocked, but where it is open or more transparent light will pass through the gobo. The projection will depend upon the pattern you choose from the pre-designed stock gobos or if you decide to design your own. So if you want to project the name of the bride and groom, create a forest, or show light coming through a window, gobos are the way to go! Gobos can be used in an ellipsoidal (leko) or in the gobo wheel of many moving lights. Add motion to your gobo by putting it in a gobo rotator. Custom Gobos are available in standard sizes (A, B, E, M), unless otherwise noted, and in a moving light size, which is cut to fit the specified moving light fixture.

  • Hanging Irons

  • Lamps

    A light is not a light without a light source. The theatrical world commonly uses instrumentation that either use incandescent, quartz or gaseous lamps. The industry is also transitioning to LED units which use diodes. - Louie Lumen

  • Light Design Software

  • Lighting Stands

  • Moving Light Hanging Hardware

  • Music Stands & Lights

  • Plugs & Connectors

  • Power Distribution

    Electricity has to get from point A to point B. In the theatrical world we call this power distribution. It can be as simple as an extension cord, or as complicated as power distribution boxes or raceways. In today's modern technology, we also tend to include running control cables with the power distribution devices. - Louie Lumen

  • Power Supplies

  • Side Arms

  • Spare Parts

  • Spigots & Adaptors

  • Systems/Packages

    Theatrical stage lighting systems are comprised of components that give you control of what the light can do. There is a large variation of possible components and, therefore, a large chance that not all pieces work together. By choosing a predesigned package, you then take the guess work out of the equation and know that you are getting components that agree with each other. Listed below are the major categories to choose from. - Louie Lumen

  • Tape

  • Tie Line & Cable Ties

    We like to keep our theatrical grids nice and neat. Tie lane and cable ties are used to tie our cables to the grid pipe. Sometimes glazed tie line will be used for some very light weight rigging. There is no particular rating for them. - Louie Lumen

  • Unistrut Accessories

  • Work Lights