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Gel / Color Filters

The color of the light we use is incredibly important to our artistic goals. Theatrical lights traditionally produce white light. Through the magic of gel filters, we have the ability to change that color. Most gels are available in sheets (generally 20" x 24"), rolls, or even tubes for fluorescent fixtures. All of these options are available below.- Louie Lumen

Gel / Color Filters 


  • Gels / Color Filters by Brand

  • Gel Rolls

  • Gel Sheets

    Changing the color of our lights is probably the single most powerful artistic change we can make easily. Gel filters are the media of choice for this purpose. Gel sheets are generally 20" x 24" and can be cut with scissors, mat knife, or a paper cutter to cut the gel size to your fixture's needs.
  • Gel Cuts

  • Gel Sleeves & Tubes for Fluorescents

  • Gel Kits

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons & Gels

    Below are some starting points and commonly purchased gels and gobos. We cannot stress enough that the right pink"is dependent on a huge amount of variables, including: the light you’re working with, the hue of the pink you want, and whether or not the gel can survive when installed on the light source. The gels listed below are a starting point for you to design with. Because of this, take your swatch book outside at night and look through the swatch to see what colors might work. Then buy a test cut or sheet of gel to confirm your choice.
  • Dinshah Color Therapy

    Everything you need to experience Spectro-Chrome Therapy, the use of light to balance energy through a person's body. The gels listed below are the brand and colors referenced in Let There Be Light, by Dinshah Ghadiali. Spectro-chrome is also known as Chromotherapy.
  • Filters for LEDs

  • Gel Storage Draws

  • Glass Color Lenses & Roundels

  • Plastic Color Lens for Pin Spots

  • Swatch Books