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  • Acclaim Lighting

    Acclaim Lighting has engineered technologically advanced lighting control systems since 2003. Its products can be found in entertainment settings around the globe.

  • ADJ

    From a small business whose aim was to create portable lighting for touring-performing companies, the ADJ Group has expanded to include other firms that cater to the entertainment world. Now theatres, night clubs, concert halls, and many other venues can purchase lighting, sound equipment, and stage hardware through the ADJ Group.

  • Altman Lighting

    When Charles Altman founded Altman Lighting 60 years ago, he aimed to create a family-run company committed to producing innovative lighting tools for the entertainment world. Catering to small- and medium-sized theatres, as well as full-sized venues, Altman Lighting continues to bring imagination and value to the arena of lighting design. - Louie Lumen

  • Align

  • American Audio

    At the turn of the millennium, American Audio entered the world of professional DJs’ audio gear by developing earbug-style headphones that provided comfort, mobility, and more precise sound at lower decibel levels for an affordable price. American Audio continues to introduce versatile DJ audio equipment which provides simple switching between CDs and computers with ease of portability.

  • Antari

    Since 1984, Antari has dedicated itself to producing the perfect fog-effect machines, while also making them energy-efficient, innovative, and environmentally sound. Their products meet all international safety standards.

  • Apollo Design

    ApolloDesign is a unique company that has designed lighting units and accessories over the years that have truly helped the artistry of theatrical lighting design grow.  From simple items such as clamps to the "Right Arm", their products help us make the show visually more exciting.  They have excellent customer service and encourage you to browse all of their offerings - Louie Lumen

  • Applied NN

    Whether your event is held outdoors or in, Applied Electronics provides roof systems, rushing ground support systems, power distribution, crank lifts, and many other lighting accessories to fit your needs. Applied Electronics proudly manufactures exclusively in the USA and offers a one-year warranty on all its products. - Louie Lumen

  • ArKaos

    With the ArKaos Engine at the heart of its technology, ArKaos produces software that allows for visual synthesizing in real time. The software is usable on both Macs and PCs, combining and meshing music & video, or live performances & visual shows. Today, ArKaos also manufactures the Stage and Stadium A30 hardware media servers.

  • Avolites

    Recognizing the need for portable, hands-on lighting control and dimmer systems, Avolites was formed to meet this need in 1978. By maintaining innovative technology, Avolites' impressive, wide range of consoles can be found controlling illumination for Olympic opening and closing ceremonies and other sporting events, as well as performance entertainment venues.

  • Blizzard Lighting

    For truly innovative lighting devices, look to Blizzard Lighting. In 2011, The Puck 3 Unplugged became the archetype for battery-powered up-lighting fixtures. In the same year, Blizzard introduced The Torrent 90, an LED moving head with no heat, almost zero maintenance, and half the weight of discharge lamp fixtures.

  • Bosch

  • ChamSys

    ChamSys (pronounced “cam-sis”) is short for Chameleon Systems, and much like it’s namesake, can change appearance and functionality for the need of the end user. They formed a team of software and hardware developers with lighting designers to develop technology that has brought high performance at a low cost with incredible reliability. This is a perfect system for both an experienced programmer as well as someone just starting out. While all of the consoles are based on the same thought process, there are small units that are perfect for a basement theatre and large units that can power huge events. - Louie Lumen

  • Chauvet DJ

  • Chauvet Professional

  • Chroma-Q

    Chroma-Q has great products at reasonable prices for your lighting needs! Chroma-Q is dedicated to supplying an assortment of quality creative LED lights, lighting accessories, and control / data distribution products.

  • CITC

  • City Theatrical

    City Theatrical is the leader in inventive solutions for lighting accessories. While their catalog is extensive for common products, such as gobo holders and gel frames, they also have products for all your needs. If you need something specific, give us a call and we will work with you and City Theatrical to get the job done! - Louie Lumen

  • Clay Paky

    Created for spectacular show environments, Clay Paky produces lighting products such as follow-spots, color-changers, and projectors with utmost precision. Using eco-friendly substances, the company's quality control for each manufactured system begins with its raw materials and continues through to its final finished product, giving you product you can feel good about.

  • Clear-Com

    In 1968, Clear Com entered the world of live performance communications. By 2010, as a leader in digital matrix technology and integrated IP wireless systems, Clear-Com merged with HM Electronics, giving their customers a broad base of products for a wider range of system requirements.

  • Columbus McKinnon

  • Doug Fleenor

    Doug Fleenor Design is a high class manufacturer and inventor of theatrical digital language protocols. They have an extensive catalog of common DMX-512 items, but also are there to help in unique situations. Their customer service is outstanding. - Louie Lumen

  • Dove Systems

    Dove Lighting Systems has been in the business of manufacturing lighting control equipment andaccessories for almost thirty years, supplying churches, schools, theatres, and a variety of venues with lighting equipment.

  • Elation Professional

    Since 2002, Elation has been a developer and innovator of new technology. Their breakthroughs include TriColor LED, which creates amazing color options with a singular shadow, the new Platinum Automated lighting fixture series that introduces a level of compact power and speed to moving head fixtures, and the EPV Series LED video panels, which mark a milestone in the convergence of video and lighting technologies.

  • Electro-Voice

  • ElektraLite

    As a division of Group One Limited, ElektraLite designs & manufactures a diverse range of lighting controllers and effects, which are sold worldwide.

  • Epsilon

    Epsilon provides incredible color and intensity output in the LED lighting fixture world at a very affordable.- Louie Lumen

  • ETC

    ETC creates the most comprehensive theatrical lighting control systems available with emphasis on control and fixtures. Noted for its unrivaled customer & technical service, ETC has 300 service centers worldwide. ETC products are not only employed in entertainment venues, but also, in restaurants, schools, and religious establishments.

    - Louie Lumen

  • Fortune Products

    Noted for their battery-operated devices, Fortune Products has been bringing items such as pin spots, strobe lights, mirror balls, and wash lights to retail dealers since 1985. Along with their numerous other products, Fortune will add your logo to much of its merchandise.

  • GAM Products

    From theatre to film and TV production, GAMPRODUCTS has created effects and projection tools since the advent of concert Rock ’n Roll performers in the mid-1970s. Products such as stainless steel gobos, portable modular projection systems, polyester color filters, and the Emmy award winning Black Wrap keep GAMPRODUCTS in the forefront of lighting equipment at an economical price.- Louie Lumen

  • Gantom (Formerly Darklight)

    We manufacture the world's smallest LED spotlights. Our products illuminate without distraction and fit virtually anywhere. Gantom goes where traditional lights cannot.
  • GE

    A leading innovator in progressive lighting, GE creates products used for both commercial and residential purposes.

  • Hercules Stands

    HERCULES Stands, as the name suggests, is committed to building tough and strong instrument stands.HERCULES firmly believes that today’s musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances.

  • Hubbell

    Hubbell Incorporated is an international manufacturer of quality electrical and electronic products for a broad range of non-residential and residential construction, industrial and utility applications.

  • ImageCue

  • Jands

    Known for manufacturing lighting, sound, and staging products for entertainment and exhibition venues, Jands is an Australian based company. Its control consoles and lighting dimmers are found in prominent entertainment sites worldwide.

  • Leprecon

    By employing advanced technology Leprecon creates long-lasting, "road tough" entertainment lighting equipment. The ease of use with Leprecon's tools and control systems provides a way to quickly program a design efficiently and easily in order not to interfere with the creative process. Leprecon's wide variety of products is not only employed in performance venues, but also in religious and corporate establishments, as well. - Louie Lumen

  • Leviton / NSI

    Leviton offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. These include architectural controls, day-lighting controls, dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy sensors, relay panels, timer switches and more. Leviton lighting controls provide precise, dependable control and complement any residential or commercial application, while offering the potential for significant energy savings.

  • LEX Products

  • Light Source

    The Light Source manufacturers hardware for theatrical lighting fixtures and rigging. Its Mega Slim Coupler is 30% lighter than standard couplers while its Mega-Coupler will fit pipes 2.5" and wider. The Light Source will also provide custom made clamps and couplers to fit your special needs.

  • Lightronics

    Lightronics manufactures Complete Lighting and Control Systems for many applications: Church, Theater, School, Entertainment Venues, Commercial buildings, and a variety of others. Lightronics has proven their dedication to providing quality, user-friendly lighting control systems at an affordable price paired with unmatched customer service.

  • Littlite

    Energy Efficient / Low Voltage LED, Halogen, & Incandescent Gooseneck Lengths - Over 300 Variations!Ideal for reading, craft work, vehicle light, chart light, sewing light, machine light - any place a flexible work or task light is required.

  • LumenRadio

  • Lycian Followspots

    Followspots are the only items manufactured by Lycian Stage Lighting. Because of their experience the designers at Lycian pay special attention to operational comfort as well as to the quality of their products.

  • MA Lighting

  • MBT Lighting & Sound

    MBT Lighting is a leading manufacturer of innovative, dependable lighting equipment.MBT strives to provide bands, DJs, nightclubs, theaters, churches, schools, and other venues with user-friendly lighting products that create the perfect experience for you and your audience.MBT Lighting is outstanding made easy!

  • MDG

  • Meteor

    Aware of today's and future environmental illumination challenges, METEOR produces innovative products from advanced high ceiling recessed lighting - to - bidirectional illumination - to - solar ground pavers and bollards. METEOR lighting equipment can be found providing quality lighting in commercial establishments around the world.

  • Mighty Bright

  • Nady Systems

    Winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement, Nady Systems have been pioneering wireless microphones for over 40 years. Nady has sold millions of wireless systems throughout the world contributing to its reputation for innovation and value. - Louie Lumen

  • Neutrik

  • OmniSistem

    From six-foot mirror balls to LED uplighting systems along with fog machines, array loudspeakers, color blinders and moving heads to name just a few of their products, OmniSistem has been supplying quality merchandise for the entertainment business at reasonable prices since 1986.

  • Osram Sylvania

    With its business origins extending as far back as 1901, OSRAM Sylvania has been in the forefront of implementing lighting solutions worldwide. Today OSRAM's KREID brand LED products offer the entertainment industry the ability to provide diverse illumination with higher energy efficiency less expensively.

  • Philips

    Philips Lighting is a leading provider of solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets.Addresses lighting needs in a full range of environments – indoors (homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals) as well as outdoors (public places, residential, areas and sports arenas).

  • Phoenix

  • Pintech

  • Reel EFX

  • Rosco

    For over a century, Rosco is still most associated with its original product - entertainment lighting filters. Ranges of these filters have won Rosco four Oscars from the Academy of Motion Pictures. A multi-national company based in Stamford, CT., Rosco has expanded its lighting equipment line to include intelligent mirrors, LitePad, an extraordinary LED based lighting device, as well as gobos, correction filters, rotators and projectors. - Louie Lumen

  • Pathway

    Pathway Connectivity is the leading data communications company in the entertainment lighting industry.Pathway's proven record for innovation and reliability has helped clients to create ever more spectacular visual experiences for live audiences worldwide.Pathway designs, manufactures, and supports an innovative family of products that enables the operation of sophisticated stage and architectural lighting systems.

  • Pro Lights

  • Pro Tape

  • Socapex

    Initially developed in 1961, Socapex is a 19-pin electrical connector with a high strength-weight ratio that has become the standard for stage lighting multi-cable connections. Socapex is now manufactured by Aphenol Socapex along with electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and high-speed specialty cables, antennas and interconnect systems.

  • Techni-Lux

    Techni-Lux was started with the simple premise to provide lighting expertise along with a wide range of quality products.By providing quality products, they are able to reduce the amount of downtime hassles and time.Their ability to purchase and manufacture in large quantities has allowed them to develop and improve many lighting products.

  • Telex RTS Intercom

    In television's formative years a reliable communication network among the entire production crew was lacking. In 1975, RTS was created to solve the problem, and the Two-Wire Intercom System was developed. Today RTS Intercom Systems are considered the industry’s standard.

  • Tempest


    For trussing and truss accessory items look to Trusst. Manufactured from 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, its truss sections, both curved and straight, are welded by SLV certified employees, and are compatible with brands that employ the same standard conical connection systems. Trusst provides other presentation tools also, such as fabric scrims and totem, Goal Post and Arch kits.

  • Ushio

  • Veam