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Scenery & Effects 


  • Breakaways

    Breakaways are theatrical props devised to break, bend, or fall apart easily upon contact. A common substitute material for glass is sugar glass, which is produced from crystallized sugar.

  • Bubble Machines & Accessories

    Nothing is more fun than bubbles! Remember the old Lawrence Welk show and the bubbles behind the band? Have you done a production of the Wiz or The Wizard of Oz and had bubbles coming in before the good witch? Doing a Little Mermaid production? You can have bubbles! There are small machines for kid's parties, and huge machines for large stages. Go ahead & give it a look!

  • Candles

  • Confetti

  • Curtains

  • Effect Fans

  • Fabrics

  • Floors

  • Fluids

  • Foam Machines, Fluids, & Accessories

  • Fog Machines, Fluids, & Accessories

    Fog is one of the most popular theatrical effects on stage. Whether you are looking for misty wisps of fog in the air or the rolling, billowing clouds of ground fog, there is a fog machine for you. Dry ice fog machines are great for low-lying fog that hugs the floor. If you want fog that raises up into the air, then a chemical fog machine may be what you need. Hazers give off an even "haze" in the air. Below you will find these different fog machines sorted by type and also by power. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.- Louie Lumen

  • Glassless Mirror Rolls

  • Glitter

  • Hardware

  • Hazers, Fluids, & Accessories

    If you want to see the lighting beams in the air, the light must have something to reflect off of. It could be smoke, it could be fog, or it could be haze. The difference between fog and haze is that the haze is a very evenly dispersed particle reflector. You can get water based hazers or chemical based hazers. - Louie Lumen

  • Material

  • Mirror Balls, Cylinders, Pin Spots, & Motors

  • Motors

  • Music Stands & Lights

  • Mylar Rain Curtain

    Who doesn't like a little sparkle? Who doesn't like to make a grand entrance? Mylar curtains will jazz up any dance number. When lit, the reflective ability of the curtain gives a spectacular effect. There are many color and height combinations to choose from. - Louie Lumen

  • Pipe & Drape

    Pipe and drape is one of the fastest, easiest ways of creating spaces and hiding areas. If you want to create a smaller space inside a larger one or make booths for trade or craft shows, we have all you need here. Multiple heights for uprights and multiple lengths for cross pipes, not to mention so many color choices. Don't forget to put nice drapings on your platforms and tables. Give it a nice professional look.

  • Props

  • Sales & Promotions for Scenery Store

  • Scenic Paint, Coatings, & Brushes

  • Screens

  • Snow Machines, Fluids, and Accessories

    Do you need Christmas in July? Do you need to produce snow on cue? A snow machine will take snow fluid and throw out tiny little bubbles that look like snow is falling. The machines do make a bit of noise so consider that in your placement of the unit and the placement of your cue. - Louie Lumen

  • Soft Goods

  • Scenery Tape