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City Theatrical Incandescent Candle Kit

City Theatrical Incandescent Candle Kit

Part Number: City Theatrical 3450


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City Theatrical Incandescent Candle Kit

The Candle Kit consists of a flame tip, 12" of wire leads, a small circuit board, and two leads exiting the circuit board. The candle kit is designed to be built into users' designs such as custom sconces and chandeliers.


  • Simulates the natural flicker and movement of a candle flame
  • Incandescent for extreme realism, or LED for long battery life
  • Logic circuit built in each candle
  • Dimmable
  • Three bulb design encased in a translucent shell
  • Operates on either 9V DC or a remote power supply
  • Used on many Broadway shows and touring companies
  • Amazingly realistic!
  • Condition: New


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