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ADJ ArKaos LED Master Software (License Version)

ADJ ArKaos LED Master Software (License Version)

Part Number: ADJ LED661

Appears in: ArKaos, ADJ Software
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ADJ ArKaos LED Master Software (License Version)

LED Master is an all-in-one media solution that will allow you to create the most dynamic LED light shows. Based on our Kling-Net protocol, LEDMaster will take your LED light show to the next level. LED Master and Kling-Net work together to do all the hard work for you, making operation simpler than ever. Kling-Net adds a layer of ‘intelligence’ to even the most simple LED devices, enabling it to talk directly with LED Master. This then enables the LED devices to configure themselves automatically, removing the need for complicated setup processes. KlingNet protocol is found imbedded in several ADJ and Elation fixtures, such as ADJ’s Illusion Dotz 4.4, Illusion Dotz 3.3, Ultra Kling Bar 18, Flash Kling Panel 64 and Elation’s EZ Kling interface, which can be used to run ANY LED pixel controllable DMX product. Designed in 3 steps, Mapping, Programming and Performance, LEDMaster is one of the most powerful and easy to use media softwares of its kind. 


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