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Altman 6in. Quartz Focusing Fresnel

Altman 6in. Quartz Focusing Fresnel

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Altman 6in. Quartz Focusing Fresnel

The Altman 65Q is a 6 inch fresnel that produces a soft wash of light that can be adjusted from a tight beam to a wide beam. It can be lamped at 500 or 750 watts. Generally recommended for throws of up to 20 feet the 65q has stood the test of time and continually produces a very blendable light. With the use of a barn door you can control the edge of the beam while keeping a soft edge.

(Description from the manufacturer) A lightweight, short-throw, all-purpose lighting device, the 6" fresnel produces a soft- edged beam varying in diameter from 4.2' to 21' at a throw distance of 15'. The 65Q and 165Q are designed for operation with long-life, high-intensity tungsten-halogen lamps. The luminaire is used in theatre for acting area lighting where beam shaping is not required, or in television studios for key and back lighting. Other uses include nightclubs, museums and show windows where soft-edged controlled lighting is required.


  • Sheet-steel welded construction
  • Specular spherical Alzak aluminum reflector
  • Spot-to-flood focus adjustment
  • Screw-feed focus (165Q only)
  • 6" heat-resistant fresnel lens
  • Color frame and safety cable with spring clip included
  • Three 36" Teflon® lead wires
  • Up to 25' of Hi-Temp rubber cable optional
  • U.L.-, c.U.L.-, and CE-listed for 750 watts
  • Made in the USA
  • Condition: New

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