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Altman Star Par 575 Watt - CE Rated

Altman Star Par 575 Watt - CE Rated

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Altman Star Par 575 Watt - CE Rated

The die-cast Altman Star Par is a rugged, lightweight alternative to conventional PAR64 luminaires. The fully rotational lens holder easily accepts a variety of lenses, and the lenses are interchangeable tool-free. The removable, two-slot accessory holder has a self-closing, self-locking retaining latch for safety. A stylish modern-industrial appearance and ergonomically designed function controls add to the appeal of this versatile luminaire.


  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Reflector made of high-grade aluminum, polished to a mirror finish
  • Low-friction Hi-Temp lens holder with plastic handles, fully rotational via three insulated finger tabs
  • Replaceable two-slot accessory holder with self-closing, self-locking accessory retaining latch
  • Positive locking dog on yoke
  • Protective insulated rear-mounted handle serving multiple purposes as cord wrap, stand, and focusing aid
  • G9.5 medium two-pin lampholder accepting a wide variety of non-proprietary lamps
  • Lower-wattage lamps drastically reducing power consumption while simultaneously increasing dimmer capacity
  • Smaller-sized lamps reducing lamp storage space significantly
  • Accepting standard 10'' accessories
  • Three 36'' Teflon® lead wires
  • Up to 25' of Hi-Temp rubber cable optional
  • Set of Four Lenses (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL)
  • Color frame and safety cable with spring clip included
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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