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Altman Microstrip - 2 Circuit

Altman Microstrip - 2 Circuit

Part Number: Altman MICS-2

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Altman Microstrip - 2 Circuit

The Altman Micro Strip is a multi-lamp striplight using a wide range of MR-11 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminaire is manufactured of sheet aluminum in three standard lengths. These lengths are related to the number of color washes desired. The popular MR-11 family of dichroic reflector lamps are available in 20 and 35 watts, and in several beam lamps built into the housing. Spring loaded lamp holders with push-on sockets provide secure positioning of the lamps. This narrow, lightweight fixture allows it to be used in tight spaces where a general wash of light is desired, and is ideal for small clubs, runway lights, and store displays.


  • Rugged lightweight sheet aluminum housing
  • Spring loaded lamp holder and push-on 2 pin socket
  • Neon indicator lamps to identify lamp failure
  • Uses wide variety of 20 and 35 watt MR-11 lamps
  • Very narrow profile
  • Available in one, two, or three color circuits
  • Yoke available for one and two circuit units
  • Safety screen provided
  • Color frame included
  • U.L.. and c.U.L. listed for 350 watts per circuit
  • Made in the USA

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