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Apollo PrintScenic Glass Gobo ME2440 Swirl

Apollo PrintScenic Glass Gobo ME2440 Swirl

Part Number: Apollo PG-ME2440

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Apollo PrintScenic Glass Gobo ME2440 Swirl

PrintScenic® gobos can be a produced as a glass or plastic gobo that projects color photographs or graphics. They are designed for use in approved LED fixtures only and in short or temporary installations. Almost any of our patterns are available as a PrintScenic® gobo.

The patent-pending multi-layer printing process enhances the color saturation to create a “true” opaque black, not “transparent” printer black.

PrintScenic® gobos created from almost any of our patterns typically ships within 24 hours, depending upon availability. However, we regularly ship sooner than indicated.

PrintScenic® Gobo Features

 PrintScenic® PlasticPrintScenic® Glass3
MaterialTransparent Plastic Substrate1.1 mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
Longevity170 - 80 Hours300 - 400 Hours
Color- Color
- Color Gradients
- Black & White
- Grayscale
- Color
- Color Gradients
- Black & White
- Grayscale
Image/ProcessVector or Photo/PrintedVector or Photo/Printed
BezelNot IncludedIncluded if required

  1. Longevity is affected by many factors including: fixture, usage, environment, pattern and other factors. Hours are not guaranteed.
  2. Verify fixture size prior to placing any order.
  3. Offers a flatter focal point throughout the life of the gobo compared to PrintScenic® plastic.
  4. Off-gassing of ink carrier is normal for PrintScenic® gobos and should cease after 10 minutes.
  • Condition: New

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