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Ayrton NandoBeam-S3 300W RGBW LED 8-40° Automated Fixture

Part Number: Ayrton AY013350

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Ayrton NandoBeam-S3 300W RGBW LED 8-40° Automated Fixture

NandoBeam™S3 is a powerful and ultra-fast moving-head in a compact housing.
Its advanced and highly efficient proprietary optical system, coupled with state-of-the-art 15 W RGBW LED emitters. The quality of its colour-mixing makes the NANDOBEAM-S3 capable of handling even the most demanding environments. The choice of light sources and colour selection was made in collaboration with lighting designers to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. Its narrow angle gives a particularly effective and very powerful tight beam, while its wide angle works well for wash purposes, making NANDOBEAM-S3 the perfect lighting tool for a wide range of applications. NANDOBEAM-S3’s arrangement of two rings of individually controlled LED emitters around a central LED renders it extremely versatile when operated in Expanded Full Colour mode. Effects capabilities can be coupled with Beam, Wash or Matrix applications to produce superb results whether performing in front of the audience or camera.


  • Light Source - 300 W - RGBW
  • Lumens - 4,000
  • Colour Depth - 4.29 billion
  • Beam Aperture - 8° to 40°
  • Lenses Cluster - 170 mm


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