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Ayrton WildSun-S25 2500W RGBW LED 10-60°

Part Number: Ayrton AY013840

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Ayrton WildSun-S25 2500W RGBW LED 10-60°

WildSun™S25 is the full colour variation on the powerful WildSun™K25 luminaire.

Equipped with 217 ultra-powerful RGBW mono-chip LED emitters, this technologically innovative marvel is the most powerful moving-head LED wash fixture on the market today. With overall light output of 60,000 lumens, it rivals the 2,500 and 4,000 W HMI luminaires fitted with colour filters, but with far greater flexibility of use and lower maintenance. Its four-colour mixing is based on an ingenious arrangement of emitters combined with a holographic filter, which creates an infinite palette of pastels and saturated colours. LED emitters are distributed over six 60° segments. Colours in each 36-diode segment can be controlled individually.


  • Light Source: 2,750 W - RGBW
  • Lumens: 60,000
  • Colour Depth: 4,29 billion
  • Beam Aperture: 10° to 60°
  • Lenses Cluster: 408 mm

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