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Ayrton IntelliPix-XT 270W RGBW LED 2°

Part Number: Ayrton AY024750

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Ayrton IntelliPix-XT 270W RGBW LED 2°

INTELLIPIX-XT is a refined and evolved version of Ayrton’s original INTELLIPIX-R.
In the same creative spirit, this versatile luminaire is fitted with nine ultra-powerful, low-etendue, multichip LED emitters, which can be controlled individually and are coupled with AYRTON’s new proprietary 126 mm diameter optics. INTELLIPIX-XT has a next-generation power supply unit that ensures efficiency over 95%. This technology enables the highly compact luminaire to run continuously at full power without any loss of performance.

With a highly precise coupling accessory, multiple INTELLIPIX-XT luminaires can be perfectly positioned in order to create large-dimension 3D volumetric lighting effects. A highly adjustable yoke system enables the luminaire to be used individually to generate complex assembled shapes.


  • Light Source: 9 x 35 W - RGBW
  • Lumens: 7,650
  • Luminous Intensity: 5,220,000 cd
  • Beam Aperture: 2°
  • Collimator Lenses: 9 x 126 mm

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