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Blizzard TRUE-MAIN-1406

Blizzard TRUE-MAIN-1406

Part Number: BLIZZARD TRUE-MAIN-1406


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Blizzard TRUE-MAIN-1406

Our TRUE Cool Cable™ power cables use connectors compatible with Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1 locking, IP65-rated power connectors. The connectors feature a simple, yet rugged locking device to guarantee safe power connections. They also have breaking capacity, so “TRUE” power connectors can safely be connected or disconnected under load.
We offer TRUE-MAIN-XXXX cables and TRUE-INTER-XXXX cables. The last 4 characters denote two things:

XX = Wire Gauge: “TRUE” cables are currently available in 14 gauge only.
XX = Cable Length (in feet). Available lengths for both types are listed below.

1.) Model# TRUE-MAIN-XXXX:

End #1 has a standard NEMA 5-15P (“Edison”/Regular Wall Power).
End #2 has a Neutrik NAC3FX compatible power-in plug connector.

Available as:

TRUE-MAIN -1406        


End #1 has a Neutrik NAC3FX-compatible power-in plug connector.
End #2 has a Neutrik NAC3MX-compatible power-out socket connector.

TRUE-INTER power extension cables are used for making connections between fixtures with TRUE1-compatible in/out.

Available as:



Features & Benefits:
  • Mains connector with breaking capacity
  • Lockable 16 A single phase connector (USA: 20 A)
  • Dust and water resistant according to IP65 in mated condition
  • Easy and reliable twist lock system
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • UL recognized components

PowerCONTM "TRUE" compatible to Edison, 14AWG 6FT UL approved

  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 685450870412

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