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Rosco CalColor 4990 - CalColor 90 Lavender Gel

Rosco CalColor 4990 - CalColor 90 Lavender Gel

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Rosco CalColor 4990 - CalColor 90 Lavender Gel

4960 + 4930. Dynamic, lush backlight. More red than 357. (Transmission = 18%).

Use this extensive range of color filters on any light source to add color into your shot. With over 100 colors to choose from, there are filters that will alter the color of your light dramatically or with nuanced subtlety - depending on what the shot calls for.

A patented system of pure primary & secondary colors, in gradient steps, for calibrated additive or subtractive color mixing. The AMPAS recognized CalColor with an Academy Award® for its unique ability to create pure, uncontaminated colors for camera.The Rosco Cinegel range includes over 200 tools for controlling light, including color corrections, diffusions, our patented CalColor System, The Storaro Selection and Cinelux. Since it's introduction in 1970, Cinegel has continually developed and grown to meet the working needs of professionals working behind the camera. In 1974, Rosco was honored with an Academy Award® for developing the Cinegel range and again in 1998 for the development of the CalColor range of calibrated colors for camera.

The Cinegel range of color correction and color effects filters are manufactured using deep-dyed polyester for heat stability & superior color transmission.

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