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City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Receiver

Part Number: City Theatrical 5711M

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City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Receiver

Since the 5711 SHoW DMX Neo Receiver is configurable as a half duplex RDM Responder it is capable of transmitting as well as receiving when used in the RDM mode.

Front Panel:

  • LCD Display: This 2 line by 16 character display SHoWs all of the Menu titles, command options, configuration data, and other text and graphic data. The backlight turns on whenever a button is pushed and turns off automatically after a preset time-out. The backlight off time-out is adjustable via the Misc. Menu (see below) ENTUPDOWNRIGHTLEFT
  • Control Button Pad: This five-button pad is the main control interface for the 5610/5611 Receiver. The button functions are UP, DOWN, LEFT/BACK, RIGHT/FORWARD, and ENTER.

Back Panel:

  • DC Power Input Jack: This is the +12VDC power input for the 5711 SHoW DMX Neo Receiver, and mates directly with the plug on the CTI 5627 power supply, as well as the CTI # 5650 Battery Twofer. The 5711’s internal power circuit will work with any +DC voltage power supply from 9 to 24VDC, allowing a wide range of battery power options. This connector’s polarity is Ring- / Tip+. Be sure the power connection is polarized correctly before connecting an alternative supply.
  • IEC Mains power Input connector: The 5711 SHoW DMX Neo Receiver can be powered with 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz mains power. Connect the provided IEC tail to this connector for use with mains power.
  • Standard CTI # 5630 7" 5dBi Omni Directional Antenna: This antenna is removable and position-able.
  • 5P XLR Female Connector: DMX/RDM Output.
  • USB A Port: This port is used for firmware installation and upgrades only.

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