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Clear-Com 4-Up HME DX210 System With HS15 Headsets

Clear-Com 4-Up HME DX210 System With HS15 Headsets

Part Number: Clear-Com CZ11513

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Clear-Com 4-Up HME DX210 System With HS15 Headsets

The HME DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions.

The HME DX210 is a newly-designed, two-channel intercom system that has advanced the capabilities of the legendary DX200. The DX210's wired intercom interface is now compatible with Clear-Com's or RTS' 2-wire systems, and provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections. In single channel mode, the powerful 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 beltpack and All-in-One WH210 Wireless Headset communicators, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO. The system is also backward compatible with the DX200 communicator models such as BP200, WH200 and WS200 (Wireless Speaker Station).

System Includes:

  • (1) BS210 Base Station
  • (5) HS15 Single-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headsets
  • (4) BP210 Beltpacks
  • (4) Beltpack Pouches
  • (8) BAT41 Battery Li-ion Rechargeable
  • (1) AC40A Battery Charger
  • (1) 115/230 VAC Power Supply
  • (1) 115VAC Power Cord
  • (1) Manual

BS210 Base Station Features:

  • Expandable system enables up to four synchronized co-located base stations to be used together for a total of 44 communicators with up to 16 in hands-free, full-duplex mode.
  • Wired Intercom Input/Output interfaces make DX210 compatible with existing 2-wire partyline or 4-wire matrix systems provided by Clear-Com or RTS.
  • Wireless ISO Talk-around allows all wireless users on the same base station to talk with each other, isolated from either two- or four-wire intercom channel. ISO function can be restricted to specific users.
  • Digital Auto "Nulling" (Front Panel Access) provides the deepest hybrid balancing in the industry and is flat across the entire speech bandwidth. The DX210 is equipped with an auto "nulling circuit" to easily null 2-wire connections and eliminate echo automatically.
  • Two separate 2-wire/4-wire channels,assignable AUX IN for program input plus AUX OUT that can be used to direct wireless ISO to Stage Announce (SA).
  • Triple diversity (space, time and frequency) operation for extreme multi-path situation provides redundant communication that offers the most dependable system available. The strongest signal is selected from two different antennas, transmitted and received at two different times, on two different frequencies. The vertical and horizontal diversity antenna system is specially designed to prevent dropouts and provides the strongest audio signal possible.
  • Digital 64 bits of encryption for secure communications and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology prevents unauthorized personnel from hearing or interrupting your communication.
  • Relay (GPIO) actuation with ISO function from either base station or any one of the appropriately configured communicators.
  • Selective headset connector allows the base station operator direct access to the IC channel, AUX IN / OUT, as well as communicators.
  • Backward compatible with previous HME DX200 communicators, (BP200) beltpacks are automatically assigned to channel 1 audio and work seamlessly with the DX210.
  • 2-Wire loop-through connectors allow for connection to multiple external audio devices.
  • Feedback protection for un-terminated 2-wire channels automatically eliminates feedback when connecting DX210 base station to 2-wire systems.

BS210 Beltpack Features:

  • Super Compact Design makes the beltpack the industry's lightest, at only 7.4 ounces (0.21 kg).
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries provide up to 20 hours of beltpack operation with each charge.
  • Internal Antennas are housed inside the beltpack for extra protection and durability.
  • Voice Prompts inform users of status changes and system diagnostics through the headset, such as "low battery."
  • Completely Sealed Buttons dramatically enhance the life of the beltpack by keeping dirt and moisture out and preventing mechanical failures.
  • 2 Intercom Buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO
  • Beltpack mic gain and side tone control
  • Selectable PPT or latching button modes
  • ISO restrict mode
  • Listen-only mode

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