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Clear Com Two-Way Radio/Walkie-Talkie Interface

Part Number: Clear-Com TW-47

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Clear Com Two-Way Radio/Walkie-Talkie Interface

Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface, connects Clear-Com or RTS to any 2-way radio.

Compatible with both Clear-Com and RTS, the TW-47 connects virtually any set of walkie-talkies to anyone on the wired party-line intercom; simply use one walkie-talkie as a base station. The base-station radio is keyed from the intercom call signal. Extensive RF and EMI isolation prevents interference from entering the intercom system. Separate transmit and receive level controls are provided, along with audio level and transmitter keying indicators. The stand-alone interface is powered by the intercom line.

Note: Two-way radio must have headset and microphone jacks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Radio to Party-line Line Characteristics:
    • Frequency Response: 200-20KHz ± 3dB
    • Max Gain: >=-5dBu
    • Distortion: <=0.3%
    • Noise: <=-70dBu
    • Max Level Before Clipping: >=+17dBu
    • Green LED Threshold: -22dBu ± 3dB
    • Red LED Threshold: -16dBu ± 3dB
    • Input Impedance: 400Ω ± 100Ω
  • Party-line to Radio Line Characteristics:
    • Frequency Response: 200-8KHz ± 3dB
    • Max Gain J7 ON, J8 ON: -12dBu ± 3dB
    • Max Gain J7 OFF, J8 ON: +2dBu ± 3dB
    • Max Gain J7 OFF, J8 OFF: +27dBu ± 3dB
    • Distortion: <=0.3%
    • Noise: <=-50dBu
    • Max Level Before Clipping: >=0dBu
  • Power Requirements:
    • Input Voltage Range: 20-30VDC
    • Quiescent Current: <=40mA
    • Current with Audio: <=50mA
    • Current with Call: <=60mA
  • Rear Panel Connectors:
    • (1) XLR3F
    • (1) DB-9F
  • Front Panel Controls and Indicators:
    • Transmit: (1) Red LED
    • Audio Level Hi: (1) Red LED
    • Audio Level Norm: (1) Green LED
    • Receive Level Adjust: (1) Control
    • Transmit Level Adjust: (1) Control
  • Dimensions: 1.63 in. H x 4.75 in. W x 5.15 in. D (41.4 mm x 121 mm x 131mm)
  • Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz. (0.6 kg)

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