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Counterclockwise Rotation (b)

OPTION - Counterclockwise Rotation (120)

Part Number: CCW 120

Appears in: Color Scrollers

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OPTION - Counterclockwise Rotation (120)

Upgrade to Counterclockwise Rotation

Add this item to your cart with the item above if you would like it to have a Counterclockwise Rotation Motor built into the unit.

Note: This is only an upgrade option, you must add the item you wish to upgrade to your shopping cart as well. The following items are available in this upgrade:
(Links to these items are listed in Related Items)

  • ST 120
  • CT 120 SC
  • CT 120E
  • MB 120
  • MB 120E
  • WM 120
  • TT 120/12
  • TT 120/17
  • TT 120/12E
  • TT 120/17E
  • TT 120/17-TS8/12
  • Condition: New

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