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Swisson DMX High Speed Merger

Part Number: Swisson XMG-51

Appears in: DMX Mergers

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Swisson DMX High Speed Merger

The XMG-51 DMX Merger combines up to five DMX lines together into one. This allows multiple DMX lighting control systems are used simultaneously on a single light installation. The DMX data is merged together according from simple to complex combination that you can configure. The operating modes and rules can be combined. This allows for a variety of possibilities of operation:

Multiple lighting controllers can share one of the 512 DMX channels. For example, controller A controls the channels 1-48, controller B controls the channel 50-74 and the channels 200-400 are controlled by controller C. Several light controllers can operate on the same channels. For example, a single Lamp can be controlled by all controllers at the same time. Which controller has priority is configurable (HTP, LTP).
A mobile lighting controller could be plugged in different places of the venue. The merger recognizes where the controller is plugged in and switches automatically the corresponding port to the output.
A backup lighting controller can be used at the same time as the main lighting controller by using the XMG-51Merger. The merger will automatically switch to the backup controller in the case of a failure of the main controller. It can also be switched manually at any time.

The XMG-51 has a built in bypass relay which connects the output with a dedicated input in event of a power supply failure.


  • 5 DMX512 inputs
  • 1 DMX512 output
  • Only 50us latency
  • Bypass relay
  • Manual Switch
  • HTP, LTP channel, LTP line Modes
  • Channel offset for each input
  • Condition: New

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