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Doug Fleenor Controlled 96 Channel Open Collector Driver - 0.1A Per Channel

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Doug Fleenor Controlled 96 Channel Open Collector Driver - 0.1A Per Channel

The DMX96OC is designed to drive solenoids and relays for fountains or special effects, and is ideal for many other on/off loads. The product decodes 96 consecutive DMX512 channels to drive open-collector NPN outputs. Each of the outputs is capable of sinking up to 100mA (or more based on duty cycle). The DMX512 input is optically isolated from the outputs and is protected against miswiring up to 120 volts.


  • Input baud rate: DMX512: 250 Kb/s
  • Input circuit: EIA-485 receiver with series 100 ohm PTC self-resetting "fuses" clamped to +/- 7 volts by four low capacitance transorb diodes
  • Input signal:
    • 0.5 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
    • Input can withstand up to 120 volts without damage and transients up to 5KV
  • Output circuit:
    • 8-bit 50V 500mA NPN Darlington driver
    • Unprotected output
  • Output signal: VCE(SAT) 1.1V maximum at 100mA
  • Max. output current: 100mA continuous, 500mA peak
  • Max. output voltage: 48VDC
  • Input/output isolation: Greater than 500 volts
  • Throughput delay: Less than .005 seconds (DMX input change to output change)
  • DMX512 connectors: Two gold plated 5 pin Neutrik D-1 Series (male input, female pass through) (All five pins are wired on the pass through)
  • Output connectors:
    • Four female DB-25 with gold plated pins
    • Pin number equals output number, pin 25 is output common
    • (900mA maximum on common maximum on pin 25)
  • Output common: An "output common" terminal block is available for high current applications.
  • Power input:DMX96OC: With 6' power cord 90 - 125 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 10 watts (240 volt optional)
  • Color:
    • Top, bottom and sides: Silver hammer tone
    • Front and back: Black
  • Size and weight: 6.5" deep, 1.7" high, 16.5" wide, 6.5 pounds (19" rack adapter available)

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