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Doug Fleenor Preset 8 DMX Light Controller

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Doug Fleenor Preset 8 DMX Light Controller

Preset 8 is a lighting control station that stores eight preset looks. Each look, or scene, has an associated slider that adjusts the intensity of that look. The looks are recorded into Preset 8 by capturing the output of any DMX512 console. Preset 8 systems may consist of single or multiple stations. Systems with multiple stations utilize a Main/Remote concept; looks are recorded into the main station but the remote station(s) can adjust the intensity of these looks. Control of each preset is determined by whichever slider was moved most recently. To prevent sudden level changes, a Match-and-Grab technique is used: a slider does not take over control until its level matches the current level.

Preset 8 can operate alone or in conjunction with another console. When operated with another console, Preset 8 can either “back-off” when the other console is online, or merge its levels with those of the other console using a “highest-takes-precedence” approach. Back-off or merge mode is jumper selected at the time of installation. Preset 8's solid aluminum faceplate is designed to fit a North American three gang electrical box.


  • Architectural- Three gang architectural; can be powered with Class 2 "doorbell" transformer (XFMR) (PRE8-A)
  • Portable- pelican box enclosure with built-in power supply (PRE8-P)
  • Desktop- solid milled aluminum chassis with built-in power supply (PRE8-D)


  • Primary Connector: Phoenix Contact MSTB series 5 position two-part terminal block
  • Model: MSTB 2,5/5-ST-5,08 Order Number: 17 57 04 8
  • Secondary Connector: Phoenix Contact MSTB series 3 position two-part terminal block
  • Model: MSTB 2,5/3-ST-5,08 Order Number: 17 57 02 2
  • Connector pinouts:
    • 1: DMX512 common
    • 2: DMX512 data -0
    • 3: DMX512 data +
    • 4: Supply common (tied to pin1)
    • 5: Supply “hot”
  • Input/Output circuits: ESD protected EIA-485 transceiver (LT1785)
  • Indicators: One red signal LED (Also indicates “locked-out” when in back-off mode)
  • User controls:
    • Eight 45mm sliders. Sliders are recessed in machined finger guides to prevent damage.
    • One recessed record push button
  • Option jumpers:
    • Master / Remote selection
    • Back-off / Merge selection
  • Power input: 10 to 24 volts AC or DC, 100mA per station (A 10-volt class 2 “doorbell” transformer is recommended for fixed installations)
  • Color: Black anodized with no nomenclature. Custom nomenclature available on request.
  • Size:
    • Faceplate: 4.5"H × 0.2”D × 6.5"W,
    • Depth behind faceplate: 2.5"
    • Overall depth: 2.7"

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