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Doug Fleenor DMX 24 Channel 100W Rackmount Dimmer

Part Number: Doug Fleenor DMX24DIM

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Doug Fleenor DMX 24 Channel 100W Rackmount Dimmer

The DMX24DIM is a twenty-four output dimmer designed for high efficacy loads, low idle power, and minimal losses. Typical loads include Christmas light strings (LED and incandescent), and low power lamps such as LED, neon, compact fluorescent, electronic and magnetic low voltage, halogen and incandescent. Common applications include Christmas tree lighting, cue lights, signs, marquees, and practicals.

The dimmer is a single-space rack mount unit with removable rack ears. Airflow is front to side. Half inch holes are provided for half couplers or C clamps. The enclosure features a carry handle and a 3/8 inch safety cable slot.



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