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Doug Fleenor Single Channel DMX Console APATHY

Doug Fleenor Single Channel DMX Console APATHY

Part Number: Doug Fleenor APATHY MINUS

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Doug Fleenor Single Channel DMX Console APATHY

The original Apathy controlled all 512 DMX levels with its single control knob. However this was too simplistic for some users so Doug Fleenor Design added the industry’s most hostile user interface to create the Apathy Minus. Now, through a complex timed sequence of button presses, any single DMX channel can be assigned to the knob. Once selected, channels may be easily incremented or decremented.


  • Baud rate: 250 Kilobaud
  • Update rate:
    • Under Battery power saver mode: 30Hz update when fading / 2Hz when idle
    • Under External Power: 22Hz update continuous

Note: Some older DMX receivers will be unstable when receiving a 2Hz DMX512 signal. If this is the case remove the microprocessor in U1, bend pin 4 out, and reinsert processor into socket. Power save mode will be defeated however battery life will be severely shortened.

  • Output connector: Gold plated 5 pin female (Neutrik D1 series)
  • Power input: Battery powered by 9V battery (included), jack for owner provided external PSU
  • Chassis: Tenth inch Aluminum with rubber feet. The four corner holes, and a single ½" hole provide for many mounting options.
  • Color:
    • Front, Top, Bottom: Black
    • Back, Sides: Silver Hammertone
  • Size and weight: 4" x 2.5" x 2.25" 0.75lbs

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