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Doug Fleenor Preset 10 Architectural Console

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Doug Fleenor Preset 10 Architectural Console

The Preset 10 Architectural is a DMX512 playback device that can take up to ten snapshots from a DMX console and play them back at the press of a button. Fade times can be set from 0 to 999 seconds (default is 2 seconds). The original PRE10A offers "Radio Button" operation, where only one preset may be active at a time.


  • Connector:
    • Phoenix Contact MSTB series 5 position two part terminal block
    • Model: MSTB 2,5/5-ST-5,08 Order Number 17 57 04 8
  • Connector pin out:
    • 1 - DMX512 common
    • 2 - DMX512 data -
    • 3 - DMX512 data +
    • 4 - Negative supply
    • 5 - Positive supply
  • Input/Output circuit: ESD protected EIA-485 transceiver (LT1785)
  • Indicators:
    • Ten green preset indicator LEDs
    • One red Lockout / Record LED
  • User controls:
    • Ten preset push buttons
    • One recessed record push button
    • One recessed fade time push button
  • Option jumpers: For a single station installation all jumpers should be installed.
JP1 Single Station Mode Multi-station Mode
JP2 Master Slave
JP3 Architectural Mode Portable Mode
JP4 Not Used Not Used
  • Power input: 9 to 16 volts AC or DC / 150 mA per station (A 10 volt class "doorbell" transformer is recommended for fixed installations)
  • Color: Black Anodized, With Silver Engraved Nomenclature
  • Size :
    • Faceplate: 4.5"h x 2.75"w x 0.2"d
    • Faceplate Rear Inset: 4.05"h x 2.4"w x 0.1"d
    • Electrical Box Minimum Inside Dimensions: 3.5"h x 2.1"w x 1.25"d

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