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Doug Fleenor Preset 10 Architectural Two Console

Part Number: Doug Fleenor PRE10-A2

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Doug Fleenor Preset 10 Architectural Two Console

The Preset 10 Architectural Two is a further development of our popular Preset 10 Architectural controller. The Preset 10 Architectural Two offers new features and different wiring options. The new features of the PRE10A2 include a grand master, pile on mode (input + preset), jumper selectable button modes (radio or push on/push off), face panel lockout, and a two gang form factor that allows PRE10A2 to fit in all two gang back boxes. The PRE10A2 has separate input and output ports allowing merging incoming levels with the local preset. This cascading of inputs allows multiple PRE10A2 and a live theatrical console to share control. Systems can also be created where multi-room control is required by a single dimming system.


  • Connector:
    • Phoenix Contact MSTB series 3 position two part terminal block
    • Model: MSTB 2,5/3-ST-5,08 Order Number: 17 57 02 2
    • Phoenix Contact MSTB series 5 position two part terminal block
    • Model: MSTB 2,5/5-ST-5,08 Order Number: 17 57 04 8
  • Connector pin out:
    • 1 (C) DMX512 common
    • 2 ( -) DMX512 data - (input)
    • 3 (+) DMX512 data + (input)
    • 1 (C) DMX512 common
    • 2 ( -) DMX512 data - (output)
    • 3 (+) DMX512 data + (output)
    • 4 (C) Supply common (internally tied to pin1)
    • 5 (V) Supply voltage “hot”
  • Input/Output circuit: ESD protected EIA-485 transceiver (LT1785)
  • Indicators:
    • Ten green preset indicator LEDs
    • One yellow “Grand Master 100%” indicator LED
    • One yellow “Grand Master 0%” indicator LED
    • One yellow Fade Time LED
    • One red Signal / Record LED
  • User controls:
    • Ten preset push buttons
    • One “Grand Master Up” push button
    • One “Grand Master Down” push button
    • One recessed record push button
    • One recessed fade time push button
  • Option jumpers: For a single station installation all jumpers should be installed.

JP1 Recording Enabled Recording Disabled
JP2 Master Station Slave Station
JP3 Fade to last active preset Hold Last Look
JP4 Single Station Mode Multi Station Mode
JP5 Switch Over Mode Highest Takes Precedence (HTP) Mode
JP6 Radio Button Mode Push On Push Off Mode

  • Power input: 9 to 16 volts AC or DC / 150 mA per station (A 10 volt class "doorbell" transformer is recommended for fixed installations)
  • Color: Black anodized with L.A.S.E.R engraved nomenclature
  • Size :
    • Faceplate: 4.5"h X 4.6"w X 0.2"d
    • Faceplate rear inset: 4.15"h X 4.25"w X 0.1"d
    • Electrical box minimum inside dimensions: 3.6"h X 2.9"w X 1.26"d

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