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Doug Fleenor DMX512 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter - 12 Channels

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Doug Fleenor DMX512 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter - 12 Channels

Zero to ten volt analog control still has a place in the modern lighting control world. Interfacing to older dimmers, custom controls, animatronics and motion control are just a few of the uses of our DMX512 to 0-10 Volt Analog Converter.


  • Input baud rate: DMX512: 250 Kb/s, CMX: 152.6 Kb/s
  • Input circuit: EIA-485 receiver with series 100 ohm PTC self resetting "fuses" clamped to +/- 7 volts by four low capacitance transorb diodes
  • Input signal:
    • 0.5 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
    • Input can withstand up to 120 volts without damage, transients up to 5KV
  • Output circuit: LM324 quad op amp with 1N4004 series diode
  • Output signal:
    • 0 to 10.1 volts positive DC into 2000 ohm load
    • Outputs can withstand up to positive 400 volts without damage
    • Outputs cannot withstand high negative voltages
  • Max. output current: 15 mA per output, 120 mA total all outputs (360 mA total on 96 out version)
  • Input/output isolation: Greater than 500 volts
  • Throughput delay: Less than .005 seconds (DMX input change to analog output change)
  • DMX512 connectors: Two gold plated 5 pin Neutrik D-1 Series (male input, female pass through) (All five pins are wired on the pass through)
  • Analog connector:
    • Female DB-25 with gold plated pins
    • Pin number equals output number, pin 25 is output common
  • Power input: 90 - 125 volts, 50/60 hertz, 10 watts (180 - 250 volts optional)
  • Color: Black front, back, top, and sides. Clear iridite aluminum bottom
  • Size and weight: 9.0" deep, 1.6" high, 5.6" wide, 2.5 pounds (19" adapter available)

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