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Doug Fleenor DMX to AMX Converter (DMX Console to AMX Dimmers) 1 Output (192 channels)

Part Number: Doug Fleenor DMX1AMXE

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Doug Fleenor DMX to AMX Converter (DMX Console to AMX Dimmers) 1 Output (192 channels)

The DMX1AMX allows the use of a DMX512 control console with existing AMX192-based dimmers (such as the Strand CD80 series). A custom patch table can be factory programmed to accommodate 6K and 12K dimmers which can alter normal dimmer numbering.The model DMX1AMX converter has a fully isolated DMX512 input and single AMX192 output which handles up to 192 dimmers. A non-isolated DMX ‘thru’ connector is also provided. Front panel indicators show power, DMX signal input, and a ‘MIMIC 1’ LED which shows the level of the first addressed output channel for diagnostic purposes. The DMX address switch is used to set the starting address for the interface. A local test mode can be invoked by setting the address switches to the 601- 792 range of values to test individual output channels.


  • Input signal: 250 Kilobaud, 0.2 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
  • Input circuit: Fully isolated EIA-485 receiver
  • Input connector: Gold plated 5 pin male (Neutrik D-1 series)
  • Input pass through: Gold plated 5 pin female (Neutrik D-1 series)
  • All five pins are passed through
  • Output signal: AMX192, internal jumper to select “fast” (default) or “slow” timing characteristics
  • Output circuit: High speed LF347 op-amp
  • Output connector(s): Gold plated 4 pin male (Neutrik D-1 series)
  • Output Pinout:
    • Pin: Function:
    • 1     COMMON
    • 2     CLOCK+
    • 3     ANALOG DATA
    • 4     CLOCK-
  • Power input: 100 - 120 volts, 50/60 hertz, 12 watts (208 - 240 volt optional)
  • Color:
    • Top, bottom and sides: Silver hammer tone.
    • Front and back: Black
  • Size and weight: 1.7”H × 6.5"D × 6.5”W, 2.6 pounds
  • (optional 19” rack adapter available, model RK6-1)

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