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Dove Systems Remote On/Off for HLCs

Dove Systems Remote On/Off for HLCs

Part Number: Dove Systems HLC-0


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Dove Systems Remote On/Off for HLCs

Double Gang Box

Previously known as the HLC-P, the HLC-0 is a Remote On/Off for other HLCs.

House light controllers are an easy-to-use adjunct to stage light controllers for systems in which stage lights are not in constant use but house lights are. All models have an attractive textured grey finish, and they are easy to mount in standard wall switch boxes. With take-control and off buttons, these controllers may be linked in parallel for any number of stations. The output is 0 to +10VDC. They require between +12 and +15VDC from the dimmer pack as a power supply; an optional power supply is available for use with dimmers that do not provide it.

* Standard 0 to +10VDC control
* Compatible with 0-10V LED drivers
* Take control and off buttons
* Available for dimming in single, two, three, four, and six channels with master
* Available as simple On / Off
* Many may be linked in parallel
* Uses 22 gauge cable - one wire for each channel and three additional wires
* One year warranty

  • Condition: New

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