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ETC PowerSafe Pro 100A (7158A1001)

Part Number: ETC PSP-100

This is a POA item. Please call us at (904) 683-5553 for pricing.

ETC PowerSafe Pro 100A (7158A1001)

PowerSafe Pro sets a new standard in safety and size. It offers important new features: locking connection covers, shunt-trip-protected doors that can lock connection covers in place while output power is present, and lockout/tagout brackets.

A fault-current-limiting option provides additional safety in the event of a short circuit, by limiting the energy available at the output of the switch. This option reduces the available fault current via ultra-fast current-limiting fuses, allowing safe connection of equipment with lower SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) and reducing arc-flash hazard. In addition to safety features, both models provide 65kA SCCR ratings with 100% rated breaker for lighting, sound, scenery, and stage equipment.


  • PowerSafe Pro:
    • PowerSafe compartment: Protects against access to output connections while the cabinet is energized
    • Double Neutral: Supports 200% rated neutral
    • LED Worklight Option: Illuminates interior and output lugs
  • All Models:
    • Shunt trip safety interlock
    • SCCR: Provides 65,000A Short Circuit Current Rating
    • Iso Ground: Allows field configuration of isolation between enclosure ground and equipment ground
    • Output Connections: Accommodates single-pole cam-style connectors and up to 4/0 class K cables using 500kcmil screw terminal
    • Power Indicators: LEDs light up to show that power is on/available between each phase and neutral
    • Lockout/Tagout: Accepts third-party locks on built-in bracket for support of NFPA 70E safety lockout/tagout procedures
  • Applications:
    • Entertainment venues requiring temporary power, such as:
    • Theaters
    • Convention centers
    • Auditoriums
    • Exhibition halls
    • Studios
    • Performing arts centers
    • renas
    • Casinos
    • Stadiums


  • Max Breaker Rating: 400A
  • General:
    • UL and cUL Listed
    • Meets/exceeds all applicable NEC standards
    • Satisfies safety requirements for lockout/tagout
    • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 65,000A RMS symmetrical
  • Mechanical:
    • Wall-mount unit with integral keyhole fixing points
    • 16-gauge welded steel cabinet, rated NEMA 1
    • Locking swing hinged door with clamp latch
    • ETC Sensor styling with fine-textured, scratch-resistant epoxy paint
    • Secondary door for access to bare-end tie-ins
    • Conduit entry via top or side (see manual)
    • Solid, top and side panel free of conduit knockouts to allow for greater flexibility in contractor conduit entry
    • Integral breaker lockout bracket supports standard lockout/tagout procedures to prevent any persons from turning the breaker "on" while the lock is in place
  • Electrical:
    • Power input: 120/208V – Three-phase, four-wire plus ground
    • Wire capacity: copper and aluminum feeders are allowed
      • PowerSafe Compact: 8AWG-350kcmil
      • PowerSafe Pro: 3/0 - 500kcmil Single lugs provided for all input connections except triple-neutral lugs in Pro model
    • 65,000 AIC 100% rated 100A, 200A, or 400A breaker
    • 65,000A SCCR symmetrical rated system
    • Optional fault-current-limiting fuses reduce available let-thru current to connected portable equipment
    • Reverse neutral and ground cam-style connector configuration
    • Current transformers can optionally be installed in the field for connection to external third-party power meters
    • Safety interlock disconnects output power when cabinet door is opened
  • Protection from Live Connections:
    • PowerSafe Pro:
      • Door-covered "Fingered" cable entry for safe access through the front of the panel
      • "Fingered" cable entry made of foam rubber surface for prevention of wear and tear on cabling
      • PowerSafe Compact
      • Swing-hinged brackets lock covers in place until the front door is opened, preventing connector insertion under power
  • Condition: New

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