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ETC Irideon FPZ Framing Projector (80+CRI) - 3000K with DALI Control - Canopy Mounted
** Image is for reference only - actual product is Canopy Mounted

ETC Irideon FPZ Framing Projector (80+CRI) - 3000K with DALI Control - Canopy Mounted

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ETC Irideon FPZ Framing Projector (80+CRI) - 3000K with DALI Control - Canopy Mounted

SKU: IRFPZ-30/80-120C-DALI

The Irideon FPZ is an LED framing projector with zoom optics that provides the highest quality beam, making it ideal for museums, lobbied,
retail stores and more. A range of color temperature options from 3000K to 5000K make the FPZ well suited for any application, while track,
canopy and portable mounting options provide the flexibility to meet any installation needs. The superior quality zoom optics paired with threeplane shutters and a rotating barrel enable the FPZ to create a sharp or soft focused light in any shape you need. And when used with either glass or metal gobos, logos and designs look sharp and distinctive.


  • Rugged fixture body
  • 25-50 degree zoom optics
  • Uniquely efficient optical system
  • Three-plane shutters
  • Built-in intensity trim with DMX, DALI or 0-10V control
  • Dimming to less than 1% of maximum output
  • Available in black and white


  • Physical:
    • A380 grade, die-cast aluminum construction
    • Finished in fine-texture, high-temperature, powder-coat paint
    • Durable steel yoke
    • Tool-free tilt and beam adjustment
    • Locking, A301 grade stainless steel, full hard shutters in a triplane assembly, 0.40mm
    • Rotating shutter assembly support ±175° rotation
    • Captive accessory slot for E-size pattern holder (included)
    • 37.5mm with a 25.4mm image area
    • High-impact resistant, thermally insulated knobs and shutter handles
    • Magnetically held media holder accepts gel and dichroics up to 1.75mm thick
    • IP20 rated
    • Color-matched canopy fully enclose driver and control electronics
    • Control options for DMX with on-board manual dimmer/high end trim, 0-10V or DALI
    • DMX version ships with required voltage barrier and termination kit
  • Optical:
    • 25-50 degree zoom optics (beam-angle)
    • Projector-quality, high-contrast lenses
    • Beam edge is continually adjustable hard to soft
  • Electrical:
    • Power consuption at full intensity: 20W typical, 24W max
    • Compliant with ANSI DMX and Remote Device Management (RDM) standards
    • ANSI E1.11-2008
    • ANSI E1.20-2010

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