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ETC Small DIN rail Enclosure (14"x14") (DIN14)

ETC Small DIN rail Enclosure (14"x14") (DIN14)

Part Number: ETC 7180A1019


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ETC Small DIN rail Enclosure (14"x14") (DIN14)

DIN rail Enclosures from ETC offer a convenient location to house your devices. Designed to work with all Unison Echo®, Unison Mosaic®, and Response™ devices, as well as additional third party products, these enclosures are the perfect accessory for any installation.

Available in small (14” x 14”) and large (14” x 28”) formats each enclosure features two rails, and a re-positionable voltage divider allowing reconfiguration to meet the needs of the project. The small format is available with horizontally or vertically aligned rails, while the large format is available with vertically-aligned rails only. All versions are wall-mountable and ETL listed.

  • Condition: New

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