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ETC Source Four PARNel w/ Dimmer (PARNEL-DIM)

ETC Source Four PARNel w/ Dimmer (PARNEL-DIM)

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ETC Source Four PARNel w/ Dimmer (PARNEL-DIM)

The Source Four offers a new standard in high-performance tungsten-lighting applications with an integrated dimmer. Using ETC's Electronic Silent (ES) technology and a convection-cooled design, this high-performance dimmer can be placed in acoustically-sensitive venues. By taking DMX control signals directly, this self-dimming tungsten fixture can now reside alongside LED's and moving lights, allowing system designs to focus on switched power and data distribution instead of centralized dimming systems.


  • Electronic Silent (ES) Dimming technology
  • Produces no lamp noise (Exceeds all risetime specs)
  • Electronics sound-pressure level less than 0dBA at 1 meter
  • Convection-cooled
  • ANSI E1.20 RDM and ANSI E1.11 DMX512A
  • Yoke-mount; Universal-mounting bracket included, direct mounting on a fixture yoke in multiple orientations to accommodate maximum flexibility
  • Local operation
  • One-press dim to FULL for easy focusing (press again to release to DMX input)
  • Up and down level control
  • Returns to previous level after power loss

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