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ETC Source Four Extra Wide Flood Lens (7061A1042)

ETC Source Four Extra Wide Flood Lens (7061A1042)

Part Number: ETC 400X-XWFL


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ETC Source Four Extra Wide Flood Lens (7061A1042)

Every Source Four® PAR™ is supplied with a set of four lenses: Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, and Wide. When the wide doesn’t quite give you the spread you need, then the solution is the optional Extra Wide Flood (XWFL) lens. Ideal for the Source Four PAR fixture, the XWFL lens also works great in the Source Four MultiPAR® to help create maximum coverage and a smooth wash.

Sometimes short throw situations can be the most difficult. The Source Four PAR XWFL is the perfect tool for wash light applications where a very wide field angle is needed. It provides a round, very soft-edged beam with a 65° field angle.

Product Features

  • Source Four PAR EA, MCM and Source Four MultiPARs
  • Ideal for short-throw applications
  • 31º beam and 65º field
  • Molded, borosilicate lens, heat resistant, and multifaceted
  • Four extension clips, black-coated zinc with grip points
  • Condition: New

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