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ETC 5-Button Echo Preset Station (7140A1106)

ETC 5-Button Echo Preset Station (7140A1106)

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ETC 5-Button Echo Preset Station (7140A1106)

Unison Echo Preset Stations allow recall of presets in ETC power control products that support EchoConnect. Each station provides five or 10 buttons and is designed to complement – not compete with – the aesthetics of any interior environment. Preset stations are simple to install using EchoConnect, and require no software for configuration. Echo Preset Stations are available in standard colors, or may be customized to match any space.


  • Applications:
    • Houses of worship
    • Hotels
    • Convention centers
    • Meeting rooms
    • Schools
    • Restaurants
  • General:
    • Activation of any preset in a Unison Echo control system
    • Support for up to six stations and six power panels in a single system
    • EchoConnect: Two-wire topology-free system gives you the freedom to put stations where you need them
    • Fastener-Free Faceplate System: no visible means of attachment
    • ColorCondition: RGB LEDs allow for customized control indication per station
    • Forever Legend System: complementary-colored standard or custom legend options using an indelible, laser-marking method
    • RemoteDirect: a built-in Infrared (IR) receiver on every station allows for optional IR remote control at every station
    • UL and cUL Listed
    • CE Marked


  • Functional:
    • Stations recall five or 10 presets in connected power controllers
    • Buttons on each station can be assigned to any preset; consecutive buttons recall consecutive presets
    • The last button on each station may be assigned to a preset, or function as a global-off operation
    • Preset range is limited to the presets available in the Echo- compatible power controller
    • Each station supports a Unison Heritage IR remote. IR remote buttons mimic the station buttons.
  • Mechanical:
    • Standard configurations with five and 10 push buttons
    • Gangable for custom applications
    • Enclosed electronics assembly and faceplate included
    • Cantilevered switch arrays with removable caps
    • No visible means of attachment
    • Flush-mount in industry-standard backbox, RACO 690 or equivalent
    • Surface-mount backboxes available from manufacturer
    • Constructed of injection-molded ABS plastic in five standard colors, matched to RAL standard colors
    • Custom colors available with sample
    • Indelibly marked legends in a contrasting color
    • Integral LED response-indicator for each button configurable per station in 16 standard colors
    • Integrated IR receiver
    • Two-selector dial for configuration of station group and address
    • DIP switches for advanced station configuration
  • Electrical:
    • Connect via EchoConnect topology-free wiring over Belden 8471 or equivalent and one #14 ESD drain wire
    • Wiring may be bus, loop, home run or any combination of these
    • Up to 500 meters (1640') of control wiring per system
      • Up to 1000' using CAT5*
    • All station terminations use plugable connectors
    • UL and cUL Listed, CE Marked
  • Thermal:
    • Ambient room temperature: 0-40°C / 32-104°F
    • Ambient humidity: 30-95% non-condensing
  • Condition: New

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