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CITC Fantasy FX - Hands Free Vertical Spray - 8 oz.

Part Number: CITC 100011


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CITC Fantasy FX - Hands Free Vertical Spray - 8 oz.

Fantasy FX, also known as Smoke in a Can by many customers, safely adds a dreamy (or eerie), even atmosphere to a room or make light beams or laser beams come alive. It makes the appearance of fog, haze, or steam effects quickly, easily and safely. Used in movies (Entrapment—Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta-Jones) and stage plays (Hairspray—as the hairspray prop), by DJ's for mirror ball beams of light circling an entire dance floor, laser beam light shows and laser tag arenas, by CSI, FBI, CIA, Sheriffs and Police for ballistic visual enhancement of bullet travel, traveling parade props as steam in dragons nose, or floats with steam stack, steam kettle props at theatres and live stage shows, dreamy sequences and much, much more for over 20 years. Fantasy FX product is a good solution as a very portable and inexpensive way to offer Fog, haze or steam effects without the equipment normally needed to produce these effects. This product should not be confused with Smoke in a Can by any other manufacturers.

* 3 Can Minimum when Ordering. SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY

  • Condition: New

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