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CITC Windicator - Pocket Sized Horizontal Spray

CITC Windicator - Pocket Sized Horizontal Spray

Part Number: CITC 100018


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CITC Windicator - Pocket Sized Horizontal Spray

Now see air direction! See invisible air by making it visible! With short spurts or a continuous output, you can see the movement of air, hands-free! Place the can on the ground. It shoots up 8' and moves with the air movement. Stand back and watch the air currents.

Detect drafts around windows, check air-flow in vents. Teach air currents out in the field. Golfers can see how the current changes by the time it gets to the top of the mound. Watch the air movement from one side to the other or swirl around, Make laser beams solid. Check air flow for Bird Buffer position. The uses are endless.

This haze is odorless and harmless, and is people and animal friendly. Use Windicator Haze for 10-20 seconds, then just lift the snap down top with the edge of the lid and save the rest for the next time. You can use it over and over again. The can contains 15 bursts of 20 seconds each.


  • Condition: New

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