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Lycian 1275 SuperStar 1.2 Followspot

Part Number: Lycian 1275 1.2


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Lycian 1275 SuperStar 1.2 Followspot

The Lycian 1275 SuperStar 1.2 Followspot is recommended for college & regional theatres, professional musical productions, and medium arenas.


  • Maximum Throw: 400 ft
  • Front-of-House followspot
  • Single lever trombone intensifies beam as diameter is reduced
  • Top-mounted controls
  • 1200W HP lamp

The recommended throw capabilities of each Lycian Followspot illustrated on the below comparison chart are conservatively estimated. All Lycian Followspots are usable at longer throws than indicated, depending up the extent of low ambient light and usage of light color gels.

  • Condition: New

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