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Froggy's Fog Quik Blast - CO2 Blast Effect Fog Fluid

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Froggy's Fog Quik Blast - CO2 Blast Effect Fog Fluid

Quik Blast- Quik Blast is the ideal fluid for steam pipe and other "quick smoke" effects such as CO2 canisters. This fluid creates a thick white burst of smoke that is gone in mere seconds. Perfect in upshot and flex foggers to create the effect of a CO2 Blast Effect without the expensive CO2 tanks and cryo jets.

All Designer Select (DS) Water Based Fluids are made from lab-grade UV-Filtered de-ionized water and pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each approved by the FDA. DS Fluids contain no glycerol/glycerin and all DS Fluids adhere to the strict specific gravity and density requirements of major fog and haze machine manufactures. Froggy's Fog puts the best chemicals so you get the best results from your machine. You can rest assured that each of the fluids in the Designers Select line from Froggy's Fog has been designed with the longevity of your fog and haze machine in mind.


  • Extreme density
  • Rapid dissipation
  • Highly versatile
  • No-mess formula
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Condition: New


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