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Froggy's Fog Neutronic Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

Froggy's Fog Neutronic Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

Part Number: Froggy's Fog DS-NU-330


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Froggy's Fog Neutronic Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

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Neutronic Haze Fluid is an affordable and comparable alternative haze fluid to Le Maitre Neutron and PureHaze Haze Fluids.

Neutronic Haze Fluid is uniquely formulated and we warrant its use as a comparable alternative in only the following machines: Le Maitre Neutron XS Hazer, Le Maitre MVS, Le Maitre Stadium Hazer, Le Maitre HazeMaster and Le Maitre EcoHazer.

Neutronic Haze’s highly refined haze formula is practically odorless and results in less irritation. Froggy’s Neutronic Haze Fluid has been independently tested by Environ and the calibration factors approved by Actors’ Equity Association which may be found ActorEquity.org

Neutronic Haze’s very high concentration of active chemical minimizes fluid consumption and increases the effective haze output! It is made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals. The formula is also designed to have a much longer hang time than alternative water-based haze and fog which results in less consumption and cost savings.

  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 840472103287

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