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Froggy's Fog Faze Haze Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

Froggy's Fog Faze Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

Part Number: Froggy's Fog DS-FH-330


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Froggy's Fog Faze Hazer Fluid (330 Gallon Tote)

Please note: Must contact to arrange shipping - (904) 683-5553

Froggy's Fog Faze Haze is designed for a wide variety of water-based hazers. A very fine veil of airborne canvas is produced exposing light beams with a moderate refraction rate. Faze Haze is a high-output, premium water-based haze fluid formulated to produce a beautiful, translucent canvas of haze with long hang time. This haze is ideal for mobile DJ's, night clubs, laser tag arenas, and lighting enhancement applications. Until you've tried Faze Haze by Froggy's Fog, you'll never realize how good your lights could look. It's perfect for any venue or facility, it's 100% odorless!

Designed for:

  • Antari F-1, F-5, F-7
  • Chauvet Professional AMHAZE 2
  • Martin Compact Hazers

100% American Made - Approved by the FDA.

  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 840472104611

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