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Altman Sky Cyc (Double Fixture Horizontal)

Part Number: Altman SKY-CYC-02H

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Altman Sky Cyc (Double Fixture Horizontal)

A lightweight, wide-spread luminaire designed to provide an even wash of light on cycloramas. The four light sky cyc, when mounted 8' from the cyc, 12' on center will typically provide better than 1.3 to 1 uniformity between luminaires with a minimum of 176 footcandles at the bottom of a 20' cyc. Available in many configurations, the Sky Cyc is ideally suited for use in theatres and television studios as a compact, lightweight means of lighting large cycloramas from above.


  • Die-cast and sheet steel construction
  • Broad even distribution
  • High efficiency reflector
  • Wide spacing – 12' O.C. typical
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Safety screen(s), color frame and safety cable with spring clip included
  • U.L. and c.U.L. listed for 1500 watts
  • Made in the USA


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